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We specialise in tailor made sailing holidays in central Croatia, offering Learn to Sail, Flotilla Sailing, and Bareboat Charter Holidays, with options for everyone from beginners to experienced sailors
  • For singles and couples our specialty is our Learn to Sail a Yacht Holiday, where you share a yacht with others and a skipper. This is a fun holiday, where you sail around the islands as part of flotilla, while learning as you go along.
  • Families or groups who are beginners go on a yacht on their own with a skipper, without any sharing and sail as part of the same flotilla.
  • Holidays can be taken just as a Learn to Sail Fun Holiday or can be used to get Internationally recognised Crew and Skipper certification.
  • Groups, couples or families with their own skipper, that do not need training then take a yacht without one of our skippers and still sail with the flotilla.
  • Our Bareboat/Flotilla programme offers an excellent range of yachts and catamarans from 30 to 55 ft, suitable for more experienced sailors. These yachts are then free to come and go from the Flotilla as people please making this a very popular option.
  • On a number of weeks during the season we have a Share a Yacht programme for singles or couples, who can already sail, and who do not need to be on a yacht with one of our skippers but who just want to share with others rather than having to arrange their own crew and hire a yacht on their own.


Our Learn to Sail, Skipper Training, Flotilla and Bareboat charter holidays in Croatia started at the end of April and will operate on all weeks until the end of October. To date most people travelling have come from mainland Europe, as travel for them is easier, but from mid July onwards we look forward to welcoming many more people from countries like the UK and Ireland, which is where many of our clients come from.

Flights are now all operating and entering Croatia involves following straightforward testing guidelines or providing evidence of vaccination, and the details of what is required for arrivals from all countries, can be viewed on the Croatia government web site here (opens in a new tab).

While in Croatia all accepted protocols for protection against the spread of Covid like enhanced cleaning, social distancing, wearing of face masks in shops, etc are followed. Restaurants and shops are all open and in general as sailing activities are mostly outdoor, it is regarded as a low risk activity and holidays can operate with minimal disruption.

For people requiring testing before they depart after a holiday these are easily arranged in Croatia and we are adapting our flotilla routes to ensure that people can all book tests at the appropriate time. A rapid test with the result in English costs about 250Kuna while a PCR test costs about 600kuna. Further guidance on test centres in Croatia are available here

Anyone that is considering travelling and has additional questions can always contact us for a chat about the latest updates here

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