About The Croatia Flotilla

The Croatia Flotilla is made up of three different elements.

  1. Our training yachts that we run the Learn to Sail Holidays on and also to lead the flotillas. These will always have one of our Lead Skippers onboard who is in charge of that yacht, and depending on bookings there can be a number of these on any specific week, so effectively giving us a number of Lead yachts.

  2. Yachts from our in house fleet, and these form the core of the flotilla. These yachts vary from 33ft to 43ft and include 2,3 and 4 cabin modern yachts. These are usually the most cost effective options for families, or groups, looking for yachts in this size range.

  3. Yachts that we book for you, acting as an agent, from the Local Bareboat Suppliers, but which we then arrange to allow to sail with our flotilla. This option allows us to offer yachts from 30 to 55ft and includes many very new yachts. These yachts are ideal for anybody with specific yacht requirements or those looking for larger yachts. It also means that we can access additional yachts if all of our in house yachts are booked, and also with these yachts you are free to depart from the flotilla at any time that you choose and sail independantly as with a normal bareboat, so allowing you to visit areas outside of our normal flotilla area.

Croatia flotilla Structure

How the flotilla Works:

The flotilla is usually between six to twelve yacht yachts, and is led by one or more of our tuition/lead boats.  Where there are up to twelve boats, there will either be at least two lead yachts, or extra staff on board if there is only one. In the main peak season when we have bigger group numbers, we generally split into two or more sub flotillas after the first day, to keep numbers manageable, and to make getting in and out of port easier.  As far as possible we keep the obligatory daily distances relatively short (10 to 20 miles) allowing anybody that wants to sail more, total freedom to do so.  Because of all the islands and ports in our area, the logic is "that you can always make a short day longer, but you cannot make a long day shorter", so there is no problem with sailing 30 to 40 miles any day that you choose.