To book one of our holidays, all you need to do is the following

  1. Contact us to establish availability for the particular holiday that you want. This can be by phone or email using the enquiry form provided on this web site. If you need to discuss any option or need a tailor made holiday, we will sort all of this out at this stage.

  2. Once the holiday details are clarified, we will put all of the relevant holiday elements on option for you on our booking system and email you over a booking reference and password.

  3. You will then be able to log in to view and check all the booking details on line. All correspondence will be sent to the email address given to us by the person making the enquiry and who we will refer to as the party leader. This is normally the person in charge of organising the booking, and for yacht charters this does not actually have to be the yacht skipper. Any changes to the holiday need to be discussed and made at this stage.

  4. This booking will then be held as an option, normally for a few days, to enable you to purchase your own flights, or book any other part of your holiday, that you may be arranging independently.

  5. Once you are satisifed that all your arrangements have been made, you can then confirm the holiday with us by following the instructions on the on line booking system. The names, passport numbers, and dates of birth will need to be entered for all passengers, as these are needed for the yacht crew lists, but this information is not required to confirm the booking. You will continue to have access to the booking until a week before departure, so that any outstanding crew information can be entered. Where you are arranging your own flights, but taking our shared airport transfers, there is a facility to enter your flight arrival and departure times.

  6. Payment can be made by Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer or Cheque and prices will either be in Euros or Sterling as quoted on the booking option. The deposit will vary between 15% for one of our in house yachts or holidays to 50% when yachts are from local suppliers. For group booking we can take part payments from different people in the group. All confirmations and correspondence will still be with the Party Leader.

  7. All bookings are subject to our our Terms and Conditions.  You can view them here

  8. It is a condition of participation in any of our holidays that everybody has adequate personal travel insurance. This should not be confused with any form of yacht insurance, as all yachts are insured as part of any charter or Learn to Sail Holiday. This is just your normal Holiday Travel insurance, with the only specific requirement being that it must cover you for sailing. To this end the yachts do not leave territorial waters, you are not normally more than ten miles from land and we are not involved in racing. These seem to be the most regular questions that we have been asked in the past. Travel insurance should be in place from the moment that you confirm the booking. As the licence requirements for selling all types of insurance have now all changed we can no longer offer the sale of Travel insurance directly ourselves.