Croatia Bareboat-Flotilla Programme

In order to offer a greater choice of yachts and availability, as well as not being limited to just those in our own fleet, we can book yachts from one of the local bareboat companies that we work regularly with, but to then arrange it so that this yacht can sail with the flotilla.  This arrangement works as follows. 

  • We first establish your yacht requirements, and then email you a list of suitable options. Once you have indicated your preference, we book the yacht, for you, from the local supplier, acting as their agent. In addition we arrange for you to also be able to sail with the flotilla with this yacht.

  • Yachts can range from 30ft to 56ft, and be from older and and more cost effective up to the newest models. Yachts must always be taken from a Saturday to a Saturday, which is the same day that the flotilla operates.  They can usually be taken from either one of the three marinas on Murter, or from other nearby marinas that are up to 25 miles on either side of the flotilla base. If you are taking a yacht from any of the marinas that are not by our main flotilla base in Betina marina, then you will be provided with local contact details to enable you to join the flotilla on the first Sunday evening and then you will have to return to that same marina on the last Friday afteroon.
  • All yachts are fully equipped for bareboat charter, and the check in and out procedures for the yacht are taken care of by the local supplier, who treats this booking in the same way as they do for any other Bareboat booking. They take full responsibility for the check in, the check out and provide full back up for the duration of the charter.  All normal bareboat charter conditions regarding either a refundable security deposit or a non-refundable insurance option apply, and yachts must be brought back with a full tank of fuel.  To take one of these yachts the skipper must have a skippers licence and a VHF licence. If you do not have this we can book a local skipper. A link to the official list of skippers licences is provided below. As with any Bareboat charter any specific instructions from the yacht yacht supplier, regarding the operation of the yacht, or any other relevant issues must be adhered to.

  • Anybody taking one of these Flotilla/Bareboat options is totally free to leave the flotilla at any time, in which case you then continue to sail as a normal bareboat.  This flexibility particularly appeals to experienced sailors new to Croatia, that like the flotilla support while they get used to the area, but then want the freedom to be able to then go off and do their own thing, and perhaps sail outside of our normal flotilla area, whenever they want.   Please note however that once you do go away from the flotilla, you cannot call on the flotilla for assistance in case of any problems but must rely on the Bareboat supplier for this.  All Bareboat companies however are geared up to deal with any problems, and these are rare.

  • On peak season dates when we can have groups of between ten and twenty yachts, we normally split the flotilla into two or three sub groups with different skippers in charge of each section, to keep numbers manageable.

  • In Croatia all skippers must legally have a recognised skippers licence, and you you can view the list of official licences accepted in Croatia here

Bareboat-Flotilla Yacht prices

  1. Use the search facility below, to get real time availability and prices of yachts that can all join the flotilla, on a Bareboat-Flotilla basis. A guide as to the location of all marinas mentioned relative to our main base on Murter, is included. All yachts and catamarans are fully equipped for bareboat charter, and you will find a large selection of sizes, prices and ages. Yachts taken from bases less than 15 miles from Murter make joining the flotilla easier, but any of these yachts can be used.

  2. The yacht prices, will include any special discounts that the supplier has available, meaning that you always get the best deals. You can make multiple searches across a variety of dates to combine with the best flight prices, to see what works best for you. On top of the prices shown then please add €200 for one week and €300 for two weeks, per yacht, for the additional flotilla costs.

  3. When you have narrowed down your choice of yachts, then email us, using our contact us form, telling us your preferred, dates, price range, yacht size and any other details. We will then get back to you to discuss your preferences, provide any relevant additional information and suggestions from our end and to deal with any questions that you may have. Apart from these yachts we can often offer other similar yachts that are not included in this search engine and we will let you have relevant details, to allow you to make a final decision.

  4. Once you have decided on a specific yacht or catamaran, we will reserve this for you and set it up as an option on our booking system and e-mail you across the booking link. An option will normally be held for 3 to 5 days to allow you to make any other associated arrangements like booking flights etc. and then you can confirm the booking on line using our system. Prices for these yachts are normally based in Euros, but individual payments can be made in Euros or in Sterling based on the relevant rates at the time of payment if you prefer.

Availability and Prices

Location of other Marinas   How to Check Availability and Price

When using the Search facility always leave the Service option at "any" as other options normally do not give any results.

Sample yachts

Jeanneau SO 32i

Jeaneau Sun Odyssey 32i layout

First 35

First 35 Layout

Bavaria 36 or 37


Sun Odyssey 36i

Sun Odyssey 36i layout

Dufour 405 GL

Dufour 405 GL Layout

Bavaria 40/41

Bavaria 41 Layout

Oceanis 43

Oceanis 43 Layout

Bavaria 44/46

Bavaria 44 layout

Bavaria 46 CN

Bavaria 46CN

Bavaria 49/50

Bavaria 50 Layout

Cyclades 50.5

Cyclades 50.5 layout

Lagoon 400

Lagoon 400 Layout




Croatia Marina Locations between Split and Zadar

Marina Bases Map


Betina Marina on Murter is the main flotilla base and where the yachts from the core In-House fleet are based. Hramina Marina is another marina about 10 minutes walk away. Yachts from either of these bases are the best for the flotilla and there is an excellent selection of yachts from 30 to 50ft in these marinas. In particular there are large fleets of 3 cabin Bavaria 40 & 41's as well as four cabin Bavaria 46's available. Murter is a lovely base with good shops and restaurants in walking distance of the yachts, and loads of accommodation options. It has all of the advantages of being an island but is joined to the mainland with a bridge, and is about a 70 minute taxi transfer from Split Airport and about 60 minutes from Zadar Airport. Both marinas offer secure parking.

Jezera Marina is on the south of Murter and about 6 miles by sea from the main flotilla base, but only about 3 by land. Jezera is a small marina, so there is a limited range of yachts available from here, but the marina is in a lovely village with good facilities and there is secure parking. It is very easy too combine yachts fro here with the flotilla, and it is about 70minutes to Split Airport and 60 minutes to Zadar Airport.

Pirovac is a new marina on the main coast, that is still being completed (as of December 2016) so marina facilities are still limited and the number of yachts is currently small, but this is expected to change. It is about 12 miles by road to the main flotilla base, but only 3 by sea and you have to sail past Marina Betina to exit the bay that Pirovac is at the end of. It is therefore very easy to combine yachts from here with the flotilla. Pirovac itself is a popular tourist town with restaurants and shops and is a good base. Marina parking is available and it is about 70minutes from Split Airport and about 45minutes from Zadar airport.

Tribunj is a smart marina on the mainland coast about 10 miles south of the main flotilla Base on Murter. It is by a small town with good facilities and is a popular flotilla stop. There are only a small number of yachts available from here. It is about 55 minutes to both Split and Zadar Airports. Marina Parking is available.

Vodice is a large and lively tourist town about 12 miles South from the main flotilla base on Murter, and it is a regular flotilla stop. It is easy to join the flotilla with yachts from here although the selection is limited as the marina is mainly for private yachts. Marina Parking is available. It is about 60 minutes from Zadar Airport and about 50 minutes to Split Airport. It has a main bus station just by the marina so ideal for anyone making their own way using public transport and it even has a regular bus to Murter.

Biograd is a large and lively tourist town on the coast North of the main base on Murter. It is over 20 miles by road but only 12 miles by sea. There are two large marinas here and loads of yachts of all sizes, ages and prices and taking yachts from here can work very well with the flotilla. It is easy to get to from either Split or Zadar airports and direct buses travelling up and down the coast stop here. Split Airport is about 75 minutes by taxi but Zadar is only about 30 minutes. For anyone flying in to Zadar this is an excellent base and if people are already in Croatia on the Saturday afternoon, then many people taking yachts from here like to sail just after check in and have a lovely evening sail down to the main flotilla base on Murter.

Sibenik is a large town of over 35,000 people and is situated in a magnificent natural harbour that is very scenic and is also forms the start of the channel up to Skradin. Mandalina marina is a large modern marina at the southern end of the bay and located about 2km from the centre. There is a main bus station here where all intercity buses will stop and also a rail service from Split and Zagreb. It is very easy to get here from either Split or Zadar airports both of which are about 50 minutes away by taxi. It is then about 23 miles from the marina to the flotilla base on Murter. There is a good selection of charter yachts based from here.

Skradin is located about 12 miles inland and is up the gorge past Sibenik. It is the main entry marina for people visiting the Krka national park and it is a beautiful and picturesque location. There are very few charter yachts actually based here.

Marina Kremik is a large marina that is near to Primosten and in a good location for people coming from Split Airport. It is about 28 miles to the flotilla base on Murter so it is further than ideal for joining the flotilla, but there are a good range of yachts here and so it can certainly be done if it suits your needs. People taking yachts from here may often be on a two week trip and planning on heading off on their own for at least part of the time and heading south to the islands off Split and it is good for that as they do not have to travel back so far north at the end of the trip.

Marina Dalmacija or Sukosan as it is commonly known is the largest marina in Croatia, and so offers a huge number of yachts. It is less than 10 km from Zadar airport and about 20 miles from the main flotilla base on Murter. It is less suited to people flying to Split as it is about a 90 minute transfer which starts to become expensive in a taxi, although it is still a very viable option for groups of 6 to 8 filling a minibus. It is a popular option because of the number of yachts on offer from here.

Marina Frapa is located in the bay of Rogonoznica and is a very smart marina which was awarded the title of "Best Marina in Croatia in 2016", and as well as being a marina there are two very smart hotels in the complex. It is about 30 miles from the flotilla base on Murter, so further than ideal, but then it is only about 15 miles from Split Airport. There are a good selection of yachts based from here and it is a perfect base for anyone that also wants to sail south towards the islands south of Split as well as with the flotilla which stays in the area further north nearer to Murter.

Zadar is a city of about 55,000 people and the fifth largest in Croatia. The old town has a beautiful walled centre that is surrounded by water on three sides, and it boasts the world famous Sea Organ and Solar Light on its waterfront, while only a few minutes walk away you have a wonderful mix of churches from the middle ages and Roman ruins located side by side. There are two marinas here. Marina Borik is about a mile or two north of the centre, but Marina Zadar or Tankerkomerc marina as it is also known is located in the heart of the City and in walking distance of the centre. It is great location to take a yacht from and a fantastic base for the first and last nights. However it is almost 30 miles north of the flotilla base on Murter and so this must be considered when joining the flotilla with a yacht from here.

Marina Preko is a delightful marina on the island of Ugljan and located just opposite Zadar. There are a small number of yachts available from here but it is more often used as a transit marina for the flotilla, as the logistics of taking a yacht from an island and then joining the flotilla with it are complicated.




Check Yacht Availability and Prices

The following is the best way to use the search engine to find the most suitable yachts for joining the flotilla, as well how to work out the total costs.

Decide which of the following are your main priorities

  1. You want to be with most of the other yachts on the first and last nights. This is often important for families with teenagers. Normally the first night is not so relevant, as many people arrive late, but many families like to be with as many of the other yachts as possible on the final Friday night. In this case start by searching for yachts based in either Marina Betina or Marina Hramina only. If you find nothing suitable listed, then try Marina Jezera and Marina Pirovac next. After that then try Biograd, Vodice or Sibenik, depending on which airport you are flying into or where you are coming from. If you choose one of these and still want to join families in Murter on the last night you can always do so by taxi.

  2. You have specific yacht preferences. In this case start by searching all marinas between Biograd and Sibenik, and selecting your yacht preferences, and then if you do not find anything suitable try all marinas.

  3. You want the most cost effective option. Decide the number of cabins that you want and try searching all marinas, and work from there.

  4. You must leave the Service option at "any" and never choose the "flotilla" option. This search engine will normally only list yachts for Bareboat Charter, and then the flotilla is arranged separately with by us and not shown in the search engine..