Croatia Bareboat-Flotilla Programme

In order to offer a greater choice of yachts and availability, as well as not being limited to just those in our own fleet, we can book yachts from one of the local bareboat companies that we work regularly with, but to then arrange it so that this yacht joins our flotilla.  This arrangement works as follows. 

  • Having established the individual requirements, we recommend a suitable yacht, which we then book from one of the local bareboat specialists, who offer a very good choice of yachts from 30ft to 50ft. These yachts are all fully equipped for bareboat charter, with yachts ranging from a few years old to the latest models available. 

  • The yacht prices, naturally will vary depending on the particular yacht chosen, and may include a small additional fee, over the normal Bareboat price, to cover the costs of joining the flotilla.

  • Yachts must always be taken from a Saturday to a Saturday, which is the same day that our flotilla operates.  Yachts can usually be taken from either one of the three marinas on Murter, or from other nearby marinas that are about 15miles from Murter. If you are taking a yacht from any of the marinas that are not by our main flotilla base in Betina marina, then you will be provided with local contact details to enable you to join the flotilla on the first evening and then you will have to return to the same marina on the last day.

  • Activity Yachting Holidays books the yacht from the supplier acting as an agent of the local supplier, and then arranges that this yacht can join one of the Activity Yachting Flotillas, and sail as part of that flotilla for the charter period.  All normal flotilla services, such as briefings, lead skippers, and the social side etc are included, with the only exception being that, any issues with the yacht must be dealt with by the staff of the bareboat charter company, rather than our flotilla staff.  If you are taking a yacht from one of the more distant marinas then you will also miss the first morning briefing but any relevant information will be given to you when you join the flotilla.

  • As with all of our holidays, we can provide flights or you can get your own.  We then arrange the airport transfers if required, when your group will be brought to the booked yacht on arrival.

  • All check in and out procedures for the yacht are taken care of by the local supplier, who treats this booking in the same way as they do for any other Bareboat booking and takes full responsibility for the check in, the check out and provides full back up for the duration of the charter.  All normal bareboat charter conditions regarding either a refundable security deposit or a non-refundable insurance option apply, and yachts must be brought back with a full tank of fuel.  To take one of these yachts the skipper must have a skippers licence and a VHF licence. a link to the official list of skippers licences is provided below.As with any Bareboat charter any specific instructions from the yacht yacht supplier, regarding the operation of the yacht, or any other relevant issues must be adhered to.

  • Please note that anybody taking one of these Flotilla/Bareboat options is totally free to leave the flotilla at any time, in which case you then continue to sail as a normal bareboat.  This flexibility particularly appeals to experienced sailors new to Croatia, that like the flotilla support while they get used to the area, but then want the freedom to be able to then go off and do their own thing, and perhaps sail outside of our normal flotilla area, whenever they want.   Please note however that once you do go away from the flotilla, you cannot call on the flotilla for assistance in case of any problems but must rely on the Bareboat supplier for this.  All Bareboat companies however are geared up to deal with any problems, and these are rare.

  • On peak season dates when we can have groups of between ten and twenty yachts, we normally split into two or three sub groups with different skippers in charge of each section, and then we split into smaller flotillas and go to different ports to keep numbers manageable.

  • In Croatia all skippers must legally have a recognised skippers licence. You can view the list of official licences accepted in Croatia by clicking on the link below. The column on the left shows the country that the organisation that has issued the licence is based in, and any of these licences are acceptable in Croatia. Please note however that some of the licences are very basic and therefore it is also important to ensure that in addition to the paperwork that the skipper has relevant and suitable experience for the size of yacht that you are considering taking.

  • To see the list of official licences accepted in Croatia click here