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Frequently asked Questions for Share a Yacht sailing in Croatia

In this section we have tried to answer the most common questions that people have about our Share a yacht Holidays in Croatia.  It is not however an exhaustive list, so please do not hesitate to email us (use the make an enquiry link above) if you cannot find the answers to your questions here.

What kind of yacht will we be sailing on

The yachts used for the Share a Yacht holidays are drawn from our in house fleet. We will use any of our yachts that are free, with the number of people on board depending on the yacht size. For example there will be a maximum of three on board if it is a 31ft yacht (two cabins plus saloon), and five if it is one of the larger 34ft + yachts (three cabins plus saloon).  You can view a selection of the yachts here

Can we specify which type of yacht we want to sail on

Unfortunately we cannot normally state in advance which model yacht you will be sailing on as this is dictated by other groups that are booking an entire yacht and so get first choice as a result. Nearer the departure date however when most yachts are booked, we may be able to indicate which yacht type you will be on.

How are cabins allocated or can I pre book a cabin

If you sail on a 31ft yacht there will be a maximum of three on board, with two people getting cabins and one in the main saloon. If you are on one of the larger three cabin yachts there can be five on board with three in cabins and two in the main saloon. Cabins are allocated on a first come first serve basis so the people that book first get allocated the cabins. This we can confirm at the time of booking will then be noted on your confirmation invoice.

What minimum sailing experience must I have

These holidays are not intended for beginners or those with only limited yacht sailing experience. For these people we offer the Learn to Sail Programme which runs every week of the season and where one of our instructors is on board the yacht. For Share a Yacht ideally everybody should be at a basic skippering level. That way everybody on board will have a reasonable idea of how to sail the yacht and be able to participate fully. If you come out and are not at this level, that will become very apparent on the first day, and you will then have no choice but to accept whatever decisions are made by the more experienced members of the crew.

How is the skipper chosen

We will always nominate the most experienced or qualified person as the skipper on the crew list. On the paperwork one person must be nominated as the skipper, and for safety reasons or if you get adverse weather, as with any form of yachting, there must be one person that can take overall control if required. Most of the time however in settled conditions, the decisions will be more of a day to day nature such as choosing a longer or a shorter route around the islands, whose turn it is to moor up etc. Provided that everybody has a minimum level of competence, then there is no reason that everybody on board cannot take turns at being skipper of the day, while knowing that the most experienced person can take overall charge if necessary.

What is the general mix of people on Share a Yacht

We get a full mix of all ages and both sex's coming on these holidays.  

How fit must I be

There is no special level of fitness required, and anybody that is normally active should have no problem.

What if I do not get on with the others on the yacht

Naturally we can never guarantee that all crews will all get along well all of the time. However as long as people are prepared to be a little bit tolerant, most issues can be dealt with before they become major problems.  Remember that your yacht will be sailing as part of a flotilla of yachts so socially you will not be limited to just the people that you are on board with. Obligatory daily distances are kept relatively short allowing you to make each sailing day as long or as short as you want, so allowing plenty of flexibility. Experience has shown that this format means that most groups get on very well and many have gone on to charter yachts together in other areas afterwards.

What food if any is included, and how are meals taken

No food is provided and each crew must operate a kitty among themselves to take care of all their own provisions for the week. There are  supermarkets near to our base where you can do a bulk shop before you leave, with good back up shops in most of the ports that we go to as well as local bakers and some form of fruit and vegetable market.  Most crews will tend to eat all breakfasts and lunches on board and then eat their main evening meals in local restaurants in the evenings, although they are of course totally free to prepare evening meals on board if they wish.

What extra costs are there on site

In Croatia there are very good facilities for yachts such as marinas, national park entry charges etc, but naturally there are fees for these.  In a typical week's sailing using a mix of town quays and marinas, a 31ft yacht with three on board will spend somewhere between 1000 to 1200Kuna on these, and our larger three cabin yachts can spend up to 1400kuna. Each crew will pay these costs as they go along, so we recommend allowing between 300and 500kuna per person for this. Yacht fuel is included unless specifically stated otherwise.

What happens for flights and Transfers

There are loads of flights to both Split and Zadar airports from all over Europe and you can find a list of the main options from the UK and Ireland here

For airport transfers from either Split or Zadar airports we can provide these on a shared transfer basis for 200kuna per person each way, if required or for larger parties we can arrange taxis and minibuses at cost and these are paid for in cash on site. For shared transfers you may have a short wait at the airport while we mix you with others on different flights.