Brancas Apartments

Brancas apartments are located in Murter town on Murter island. The block consists of one two bed apartment, and three one bedroom apartments. The two one bedroom apartments at ground level are next to each other and so can be taken together to make up a two or three bedroom unit if required.

The apartments are located on a quiet road and are less than five minutes walk from the centre of Murter town, and the main port area where the Day sailing boats are based. There are swimming areas within a 10 to 15 minute walk in both directions and the two main marinas in this area are also within this range. There is off road parking, and the nearest supermarket is in the centre of the town

All apartments have a sitting out area, there is a nice garden and plenty of shade, and all have Satellite TV..

Brancas Apartments

Two Bedroom Apartment

This apartment has two bedrooms plus a good sized Kitchen/Living Area and is suitable for up to a maximum of six . There is one bedroom with a double bed, another with two singles and sofa bed in the kitchen living area, with space for an extra folding bed if required. The apartment is situated on the ground floor and is located at the back of the block. In addition to the main apartment there is a large covered terrace area that functions like an extra room with plenty of space to leave swim wear, towels etc. This apartment stays cool even in the height of summer and does not have air conditioning.

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Middle One Bedroom Apartment

This apartment has one double bedroom plus a kitchen living area and is suitable for three, or four with the addition of an extra folding bed. This apartment is on the ground level and located in the centre of the block. It is ideal for couples or families with one or two younger children and often larger groups combine this with the lower end apartment if more space is required. It has air conditioning.

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End One Bedroom Apartments

There are two one bedroom end apartments, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. Both apartments are identical in the layout. The entrance door in both cases is on the side, one at the top of the stairs and one under the stairs and both of these are accessed from the parking area to the left hand side of the block. Each apartment has a double bedroom, a shower and WC and a good sized kitchen and living area. There is a sofa bed in each kitchen/dining area and there is also room for a folding bed, so that each apartment can accommodate a maximum of four if required. Both apartments have air conditioning and the upper one has a balcony while the lower one a terrace opening out on to the garden. The lower apartment has sliding doors out to this terrace and so this apartment is often taken in conjunction with the middle apartment by larger families or groups.

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Apartment Prices 2022
Dates To 04/06
From 17/09

04/06 to 02/07
27/08 to 17/09

02/07 to 27/08
  Prices are per Apartment, per night, for a minimum 4 night booking. 1 to 3 day rentals will incurr a 30% surcharge.
2 Bedroom Apartment  
60€ 65€ 70€
1 Bedroom Apartment  
45€ 50€ 60€